Florida Frames — Inventory Tracking & Ecommerce

Florida Frames — Inventory Tracking & Ecommerce


Tracking inventory data in real time from Airtable and Shopify integration to for updating prices and product availability

The Problem/Target

Florida Frames, a reputable frame retailer in Florida, struggled to adapt their traditional ERP software to meet the specific needs of their burgeoning online store. They needed a more agile and customizable solution to seamlessly manage inventory, handle orders, and meet the unique demands of e-commerce.


  1. A complete ERP solution encompassing a product list, supplier list, and client list.
  2. The ability to input raw material purchase invoices and auto-update product availability.
  3. Robust inventory tracking, including automated supplier order creation and committed quantity tracking.
  4. User-friendly interfaces for various team members, including a dedicated POS system for offline and phone sales.
  5. Seamless integration with the Shopify store to offer real-time product availability and order updates.
  6. Clients add the dimensions for each frame in feet so the pricing and quantity commitment should be automatically calculated using a formula, while product availability is counted in inches.


In response to Florida Frames' needs, I developed an all-encompassing ERP system using Airtable, a powerful low-code platform. This new system provided a comprehensive admin section with a product list, supplier list, and client list. I integrated an efficient feature allowing raw material purchase invoice submissions, which would then trigger automatic updates to product availability. For precise inventory tracking with Airtable, I incorporated committed quantity tracking and enabled automated supplier order creation.

To enhance usability, I designed multiple interfaces, such as a POS for offline and phone sales, allowing teammates to interact easily with the system. Moreover, I integrated Airtable with Shopify using Make, a no-code solution, to provide real-time product availability and order status updates on the e-commerce platform.

No-code tools

  • Airtable -> This low-code tool served as the foundation of the ERP system, supporting inventory tracking with Airtable, committed quantity tracking, and e-commerce warehouse management with Airtable.
  • Shopify -> The no-code e-shop development platform that can be integrated with any third party application
  • Make -> Used to integrate Airtable with Shopify, this no-code tool facilitates live product availability and order updates for the online store.

Business Results

  • Florida Frames now has a fully functional ERP system at a cost of only $20 per month for the Airtable plan.
  • The newly implemented system significantly improved their inventory management and order handling, especially for the e-commerce division.
  • The company can effortlessly manage their product list, supplier list, and client list.
  • The ability to submit raw material purchase invoices and automatically update product availability has streamlined their operations.
  • The integration with their Shopify store provides customers with real-time product availability and order status updates, enhancing the shopping experience.
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Client Story:

Florida Frames, based in Florida, specializes in crafting custom wooden and metallic frames tailored to clients' specific dimensions.

With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, the company produces made-to-order frames upon receiving detailed client specifications. Utilizing an integrated ERP system developed on the Airtable low-code platform, Florida Frames has seamlessly managed their inventory and orders, particularly for their thriving e-commerce operations.

Their Shopify store integration ensures real-time product availability and order status updates, enhancing their clients' shopping experience.

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