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Dimitris Goudis

4 hours automating your operations, you save up to 60 hours per week

Automate workflows and create custom solutions using no code & low code tools.

Build custom ERP, CRM and Task Tracker to automate processes and decrease human errors.

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This is my story

No one starts their personal career aiming to become a No code expert.

After my studies in Business & Finance, I wanted to get in the business domain with an aspiring project rather than follow the laid out path of a junior accountant.

Starting up

My starting point was a Drop-shipping store, which never became a unicorn but it was the greatest investment in my self.

This was the absolute hand on experience on application like Shopify and WooCommerce, while the needs to automate process became major in an early days.

Initially I started using no-code tools like Airtable to build and automate my operations, and that successfully worked.



One day a friend of mine asked me how to use Google Sheets to automate project tracking for her business idea.

My answer was a recommendation for a more efficient solution and then we created an MVP using only Airtable.

Since that day, I am a freelance no-code developer automating workflows and making life easier for operations managers.


Today I develop fully functional applications for internal use and commercial too. I work mostly with:
- Airtable & Xano for data storage
- Make & Zapier for automating workflows
- Softr, Glide, Adalo for WebApp frontend development


Taylor H.

CEO Florida Frames, Florida

In just one month we had our own custom ERP integrated with online store. Ordering workflows now run with no human errors.

Luka Tomazin

Head of Marketing You Grow Promo, Netherlands

Working with Dimitris and his team has always been a pleasure! He has a lot of knowledge and always finds time to work with you! Great guy!

Panagiota Konte

Founder Academics Work, Greece

In just one week we created the first version of our project tracking system. Today we can manage more than 500 projects with 37 teammates per month with full automated processes.

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