YouGrow Promo – Track Google Ads with Airtable

YouGrow Promo – Track Google Ads with Airtable

Music Advertising

Airtable integration with Samcart and Google ads to manage new orders for promotion and keywords on google ads campaign.


Yougrow Promo, a leading music promotion agency, aids artists in expanding their audience on music platforms. Although the company successfully employed Samcart for its subscription models, it lacked an efficient order management system for handling incoming orders. Each order needed to be assigned to an account manager responsible for creating Google Ads campaigns and achieving the promotion goals. Additionally, each account manager required a personal base to ensure data privacy. The final requirement was to receive campaign results from Google Ads and enable keyword updates without switching to the Google Ads platform.


  1. A robust order management system that delegates incoming orders to individual account managers.
  2. Separate databases for each account manager to protect data privacy.
  3. Seamless integration with Google Ads to receive campaign results and perform keyword updates directly within the order management system.


To tackle these challenges, I utilized Airtable as the primary database and interface from which all automated notifications were sent, making it the perfect tool for Airtable Order tracking. This low-code solution integrated Samcart (CMS) with Airtable using Zapier, creating a streamlined system for receiving new orders. The admin was equipped with their own base with synced views to individual bases for each account manager. These personal bases functioned on free plans to minimize costs.

Account managers had a second table in their bases where they listed keywords across different categories and assigned each keyword to campaigns they created for each order. The order table and keywords table were connected with "link to" fields. To meet the final requirement, I integrated Airtable with Google Ads using Make, a no-code tool. This integration enabled two-way communication, allowing managers to update keywords on Google Ads based on a request form in Airtable, facilitating Ads tracking with Airtable. Additionally, it allowed managers to append the list of keywords by searching for new ones on Google Ads, strengthening Airtable integration with Google Ads.

No-code applications

  • Airtable: Served as the database and interface, playing a crucial role in Airtable Order tracking and Ads tracking with Airtable.
  • Make: Used for the integration of Airtable with Google Ads, making it easier to manage campaigns without switching platforms.
  • Zapier: Enabled the integration of Samcart with Airtable, ensuring smooth order management.

Business Results

The implementation of this low-code and no-code solution resulted in remarkable improvements in order management and ad campaign efficiency for Yougrow Promo:

  • Five managers now effectively manage over 60 monthly new orders.
  • Keyword selection, backed by statistical analysis, is updated every week.
  • Yougrow Promo rose to become one of the top three music promoters in Europe within just two years.
  • The company has served over 25.000 artists.
  • Working time 1,5 month

The strategic use of Airtable, Make, and Zapier has addressed Yougrow Promo's challenges, optimizing their order management and advertising processes.

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Client Story:

Yougrow Promo is a pioneering music promotion company that specializes in helping emerging and established music artists grow their audience on popular platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Founded with a minimal viable product (MVP) using Google Sheets, the company quickly grew to serve over 25,000 satisfied customers.

As demand for their services increased, they realized the importance of optimizing their operations and enhancing their workflow efficiency. To achieve this, they strategically invested in no-code and low-code tools, allowing them to set up and implement fast, customizable solutions by themselves.  

The company successfully integrated Samcart with Airtable for seamless order management and used Make for a two-way integration with Google Ads for efficient keyword management and campaign analysis. As a result, their account managers can now easily handle over 60 new monthly orders, update keywords based on statistical analysis, and serve a growing number of artists, solidifying Yougrow Promo's position as one of the top music promoters in Europe.

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